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I am married with two wonderful sons who are 18 and 11 years old and my 2 year old Baby Girl. I currently live in Reston, VA and have been working for Verizon for 18 years. I am a Licensed Zumba, ZumbKids, Zumba Gold and AquaZumba instructor. I am a Certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, a Certified AAI Aqua Fitness Instructor, an RRCA Certified Running Coach and a Certified Keiser Cycle Instructor. I love to exercise, run, do yoga and Pilates and most of all enjoy time with my family.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

**This post was originally written last summer and I am not sure why it never was published but it is still relevant today so happy reading!!**

Road walking/running is not all there is when training for a specific race distance or even just getting out there and exercising. Many people don't realize how much fun and interesting trail walking/running is. With trail walking/running you don't have to worry about some idiot driver who chooses not to see you or even having to smell the exhaust from cars or when walking/running in an area where there are stores and restaurants the smells coming from those places can be overwhelming to your senses!

There are many trail systems not too far from my house which is wonderful. I just need to either go out the door and up the street a little ways or even head out to my back yard and jump in the woods from there. One major difference between road walking/running and trail walking/running is that you definitely need to pay more attention to your surroundings on the trail. You don't want to get lost in the woods which can be very easily done if the trail is not marked and you also don't want to end up face planting because you tripped over a root or rock sticking out of the ground. Many trails are smoothed down from other walkers/runner and bicyclists but there are still areas especially after it rains where the ground is very soft and you can end up twisting an ankle or getting a shoe full of water and mud!! Another thing you need to watch out for in the woods is animals. The other day when I took a trail run I came across a 3 foot black rat snake sunning itself while laying across the trail. It startled me and at first I thought it was dead but then it started moving very slowly across the trail. I waited for it to get to the otherside and I started moving again.

Bicyclists are another hazard that can result in a major crash if both are not careful. Some trails are very narrow and could cause problems if you and a bicyclist come together at a point on the trail. It is easier for you to move out of the way but you will always have to make a compromise for the safety of everyone!!

Please enjoy these videos of my latest trail walk/runs:
**Warning~these videos are very shaky because I was taping while exercising!! ;)

30 Day Running Challenge starts now!

So, I have a Half Marathon at the end of this month. I have been a total wimp this winter with my running. The cold & snow has really hindered me from getting out there. Well, I have hindered myself. It is now time to quit the shit and get moving. So, I am giving myself a 30 day challenge to get back into it. I am hoping for lots of muscle memory to really help myself along. I am not worried, I have done a few half marathons so I know I can do it. I only have one goal, well, two goals... to finish and to beat my time from last year. 

See ya on the road or trail!!

Monday, January 27, 2014


So, this past weekend I participated in LesMills Bodyflow training. It was both a wonderful and awful experience but all in all it was what I needed to push me into a new level of my fitness career.

For 2 days each class was 10 hours. During that time we had lecture but we mostly exercised. We had 3 master classes, 2 which were the same and one that was an intro to other LesMills Bodyflow moves that we may expect in upcoming and previous releases.

I am in pain right now and every time I get up from my computer my body screams at me but I know it was worth it because I now can call myself a Bodyflow instructor. I passed all 3 modules so I have 60 days to practice, teach and then make a final video to send into LesMills for their review. I am taking a break tomorrow but definitely getting back into practicing the moves the next day. I want to know this release like the back of my hand and be able to teach it without a hitch!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Getting back into Serious Strength Training!!

So, I have been a CARDIO QUEEN for quite a while now. Between running, teaching Aqua Zumba and taking Zumba classes as well as my Aqua Fitness classes, cardio has been my go-to exercise for just about the whole year. Yes, I have thrown in some strength training workouts in here and there but not like I should be doing. Well, that is changing now!!

I have signed myself up for TNT Fitness which is something that I have done many times before but for some reason or another (cost is a big one) I have dropped out. But I am back at it which is good because I desperately need it!! I am finding that cardio alone doesn't help me lose weight or tone up. I definitely need that strength training to get the tone!

My first TNT class was Thursday. Now the classes are only 45 minutes long but let me tell you, you are working your butt off during that 45 minutes non-stop!! The instructors are great an pushing you to your limits and making sure you aren't slacking!!

This week I have been throwing myself into double workouts as well. Today I ran on the treadmill (doing an interval workout where I ran hills and walked straightaways) and then taught my Aqua Zumba class. I know, I know it was all cardio, but still!! HA!! On Thursday I did the TNT class and then taught Aqua Zumba for a fellow instructor. I can tell you I was might sore the next day from that strength training!! Last Monday and Wednesday I taught Aqua Zumba and Aqua Fitness but I also did an at-home Body Weight Bootcamp workout earlier in the day!!

I do have to say it is pretty unbelievable how quickly your muscles revert to mush when you stop strength training!!

Also, the strength training will help my running as much as the cardio so it is GO-TIME!!