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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Workout - 3/14/13

Today was my HardCORE class. We used the BOSU for all exercises:

Warm-up: marching on the BOSU-10 marches both feet 3x.

1. Squats with dome down 10 squats, 3x.
2. Plank with dome down holding for 10 secs, 3x.
3. Bridge with dome up, lay on back with heels on dome, lift hind end & hold for 10 secs, 3x.
4. Superman with dome up, lay over dome in a balanced position then lift both arms & legs or one arm/one leg 10x.
5. Crunch with dome up, balance on dome do 15 crunches, 2x.
6. Lunge with Bicep curl dome up, foot in middle of BOSU, lunge down with Bicep curl, 15 lunges, 2x.
7. Push-up with dome down, thumbs in slots, straight legs or knees bent, 15 push-ups, 2x.
8. Hip extensions with dome up, knees on dome, lift one leg to tabletop 15 lifts, switch to other leg, repeat on both.
9. Chest Fly/Press with dome up, heels on dome, lift hind end, 15 chest fly's then lower to floor and do 15 chest press. Repeat both.
10. One arm row with dome up, on hands & knees, one hand on dome, 15 rows, repeat on other side then repeat both sides.

Then cool-down & stretch.

It was a great class!!

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